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  1. Brian Gaddy says:

    Hey man I grew up in Michigan and been watching NCAA football forever, BAMA was the best team by far in the country! So they lost a fluke game to LSU early (By far the second best) then blew them out like they would have done Stanford OK st etc etc. You do realize that by having a playoff there will probably be many more all SEC Championship games in the future !

    • tlmoon2112 says:

      First of all, I LOVE your email address tribute to Geddy! LOL!! Been a Rush fanatic since I was 13!

      Listen, I will not disagree with you whatsoever that Alabama was probably the best team in the country last year. The problem is that the consumers of college football (which are people like you and me) shouldn’t have to pay the price for mediocrity just because Alabama cant find a field goal kicker that can make a kick. How they lost the game is not relevant, the fact that they lost is the only thing that matters. Now, if you want to have a discussion about changing the SEC rules to allow the 2 teams with the best records to play in the SEC Championship Game, Im with you…you’re on to something there that’s worth pursuing. THAT is the game where this issue should have been settled, not the BCS Championship Game. Why? Because the conference championship games are, for all intents and purposes, playoff games. The BCS Championship Game is for excellence and should stay reserved for just that. If we’re not going to reward excellence, why bother playing the games (except for the fact that the conferences make a gazillion dollars off of TV deals). Lets just have the coaches and AP form a committee at the beginning of each season to evaluate who they think has the best team and award a trophy right then based on their opinions? Obviously the games don’t matter, so why bother playing them?

      Dont be fooled boss, this problem is NOT exclusive to college football. Mediocrity is like a virus running rampant in every facet of our society. We have more people on food stamps and welfare right now then we have ever had before in our nation’s history, as an example. I had hoped that this game that I loved would be shielded from it because I thought people cared more for the game then they actually do. Apparently, I’m in the minority. So be it, I will fight on for true excellence in college football and elsewhere. Its called “American Exceptionalism”. It’s what separates us as the greatest nation the planet has ever seen. I refuse to give up this ideal.

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